Entomophagy: Food to Bug For!

     The FDA is responsible for regulating the food we eat, here in the United States, along with our medicine. They help mitigate foodborne illnesses, in order to prevent mass epidemics in the public; they make sure the food we eat is prepared in a clean environment, to make sure it is safe to consume; and they make sure the food that is sold, is honestly presented. They now just need to regulate entomophagy–the practice of eating insects. Here's why!

Bon appétit!

Eating delicious food!

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Carnivorous Snails: Beware of the Blob!

    Snails–those slimy creatures living in swirly shells; you probably know them for chomping away at your small vegetable garden, that somehow grows the most pathetic tiny carrots and spoiled tomatoes, the world has ever seen... But, did you know that not all snails are garden pests? Did you know that not all snails are vegetarians? Did you know–that some snails, are on the prowl for delicious animal flesh? These snails are not fiction–Beware of the Blob! 


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If It's Fuzzy, It's Probably Not Friendly

    Don't you just love bugs that look like plush toys? Colorful, fuzzy, adorable bundles of joy. Bugs that make you want to wrap your arms around their long and copious amounts of hairs. Aren't those just the best...?

Teddy bear

    Sadly, that is usually not the case. Those fuzzy creatures are a lot of times, some of the most dangerous bugs, you could lay your fingers on. On that note, here are a few insects that look like they belong at your local toy store:

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Industrial Melanism: We Caused This?

    The Industrial Revolution brought many things, including more job opportunities, greater production efficiency for goods, cheaper prices for products, and pollution... a lot of pollution. Did you know it also changed the color of certain bugs?

Industrial Revolution

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Eat a Bug and Save a Tree! ...and make me vomit.

    It's Summer. That means the pools are open, the sun is shining, the ants are foraging, and annoyingly, cicadas are chirping! I heavily enjoy reading the latest news on different species of bugs around the world. Therefore, I was greatly intrigued when I found out there is an 'annual explosion in cicada numbers' in a city on the east side of China, Hangzhou. 


    Now, this is usually not much of a surprise; increased temperatures and the fact that female cicadas lay up to 100 eggs EACH, does quite a good job accounting for why there is such a cicada 'overload'. However, I found it very amusing to find out the solution to this problem. The solution: an all you can eat cicada buffet! Count me in!

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An Ant's Guide For How to Fix a Laptop

Do you have a laptop? Is it not working? If yes, then this is the perfect post for you!

Why do we qualify to fix YOUR electronic problems? 

That is a terrific question! Rasberry Crazy Ants are one of the best electronic analysts in the Animal Kingdom. Like the Apple Store, we are customed and trained to use the S.I.A.F.D. method. Survey. Isolate. Analyze. Fix/Destroy. We have dealt with laptops, calculators, car motors, tv's, and even air conditioning units, with a guaranteed 100% success rate for fixing your problem (screen addiction). Have an electronic problem? Relax, and we'll do the work for you.

This is the Rasberry Crazy Ant's Guide for how to fix a laptop!

Crazy ants destroying electronics

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Rasberry Crazy Ants: An ANTidote

    Ants that eat through electrical circuiting, whose colonies can harbor hundreds of queens, and are the first discovered insect to be able to make an antidote in order to neutralize another ant's venom... Say what?!

    Now, if you're wondering at this point, is this some sort of top-secret government experiment gone wrong...? Well, it would certainly make sense if it was. The Rasberry Crazy Ant, otherwise known as Nylanderia fulvahas made its home in areas of South America and the very Southern parts of the United States; Alabama, Louisianna, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas. 

Nylanderia fulva

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If You Give an Ant a Cookie

Picnics are great! Aren't they? Ever had this happen...?

    If you have ever had a picnic or some sort of meal in the 'big outdoors' (i.e. your garden...), then you probably have seen little black ants carrying away little crumbs that you spill. You might have dropped a chicken leg on the ground, and the ants rapidly consumed it. Or, you may have dropped a 'triple deluxe fudge chocolate cookie' (here's what happens when you look that up on Google), if that is even a thing. Once again, you may have found that the nearby ants swarmed this morsel of food as well.

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